What skin type are you?


Every skin is unique. That is why we developed five target specific serums for all skin problems. Find out which one fits to your skin.

Skin Test

1. How old are you?
2. Which products do you regularly use at home?
3. What best describes your skin?
4. What are your skin concerns?
5. Do you have wrinkles?
6. How does your skin look and feel after cleansing?
7. What results do you wish to achieve? What is your primary concern?

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irritated skin

Irritated skin is often sensitive skin that has been exposed to more stress than it can handle. Give your skin a breather: Farewell irritated skin supplies your skin with everything it needs to defend itself against stress and strain. The skin’s own natural balance is gently restored.

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puffy eyes

The toll of stress and fatigue also shows on your face: Your skin loses moisture more rapidly. The result? Under-eye circles and puffiness. farewell puffy eyes helps to replenish the moisture reserves of the sensitive skin in the eye area helping to reduce puffiness visibly and palpably, thanks to carefully selected ingredients. For noticeably impressive results worth a second look!

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dry skin

Dry skin is unable to retain sufficient levels of hydration. The result? The problem is compounded leading to even drier skin. farewell dry skin is the solution to the vicious cycle of dryness. Niacinamide, D-panthenol, aloe vera, and other key ingredients now join forces to deliver a boost of hydration, soothing your skin and restoring its natural barrier.

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aging skin

We can’t turn back time, nor can we stop it but we can put the visible signs of time on hold for your skin: farewell aging skin bids farewell to the signs of aging and restores your skin’s elasticity.

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oily skin

Strictly speaking, oily skin is a total overachiever: The skin simply produces more sebum than required resulting in enlarged pores and blemishes. The incorporated ingredients in our farewell oily skin formula help to curb the production of sebum to create a clear complexion – for radiant skin without the greasy shine.

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