Farewell skin problems.
Hello you.

Hello you.

Croma farewell is a line of five serums designed to meet the specific needs of demanding skin.

Each individual serum is based on a balanced blend of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, enriched with carefully selected ingredients.

Speaking of hyaluronic acid: Croma is one of the leading experts in the production of hyaluronic acid. This means that Croma farewell™ not only contains premium ingredients, it also incorporates our decades of expertise in pharmaceutics and aesthetics.

Five serums

puffy eyes
dry skin
aging skin
oily skin

what skin type are you?

Every skin is unique. That is why we developed five target-specific serums for all skin problems. Find out which serum fits best to your skin.

„Farewell looking like I had a night out. Even if I didn’t. Even if I wish I had. Hello sunshine.“

Hello feeling good.

For sensitive, irritated skin.

Get farewell irritated skin now

Hello 6 am meeting.

For dark circles & puffy eyes.

Get farewell puffy eyes now

Hello #nofilter.

For dry skin.

Get farewell dry skin now

Hello close ups.

For oily skin.

Get farewell oily skin now

Hello remaining mysterious.

For aging skin.

Get farewell aging skin now

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