farewell puffy eyes


The toll of stress and fatigue also shows on your face: Your skin loses moisture more rapidly. The result? Under-eye circles and puffiness. farewell puffy eyes helps to replenish the moisture reserves of the sensitive skin in the eye area helping to reduce puffiness visibly and palpably, thanks to carefully selected ingredients. For noticeably impressive results worth a second look!


Hello 6am meeting.

For puffy eyes.


glucosyl hesperidin
Promotes the flow of blood to the skin thereby diminishing the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyelids.

ash tree bark extract
Beauty made by nature: This active ingredient – derived from the bark of the ash tree – helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes while improving the skin’s elasticity.

panthenol (vitamin B5)
Soothing hydration that bids farewell to your dark circles.

directions of use

Instead of a drop in the ocean it’s two drops to refresh tired eyes. Using your fingertips, apply two drops twice a day to the area around the eyes.

The basis: Hyaluronic acid

What helps to combat puffy eyes? Hydration! Our blend of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid – which is the basis of our farewell puffy eyes serum – delivers plenty of moisture and helps your skin to retain it.

Look yourself in the eyes

The skin around the eyes is thinner and responds more acutely and more sensitively. Try to give this area some extra care and hydration – and yes, drinking water helps, too!

“Farewell looking like I had a night out. Even if I didn’t. Even if I wish I had. Hello sunshine.”

Katherine (28)

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