Hello feeling good.

For sensitive, irritated skin.

farewell irritated skin

farewell irritated skin supplies your skin with everything it needs to defend itself against stress and strain. The skin’s own natural balance is gently restored. 

Hello 6 am meeting

For dark circles & puffy eyes.

farewell puffy eyes

The incorporated ingredients replenish the moisture reserves of the sensitive skin in the eye area and reduce puffiness visibly and palpably. For noticeably impressive results worth a second look!

Hello #nofilter.

For dry skin.

farewell dry skin

dry skin is unable to retain sufficient levels of hydration, compounding the problem and leading to even drier skin. farewell dry skin is the solution to break the vicious cycle of dryness.

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For aging skin.

farewell aging skin

farewell aging skin bids farewell to the signs of aging and boosts your skin’s elasticity. 

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For oily skin.

farewell oily skin

farewell oily skin incoporates ingredients that help to curb the production of sebum to create a clear complexion – for radiant skin without the greasy shine.

what skin type are you?

Every skin is unique. That is why we developed five target-specific serums for all skin problems. Find out which serum fits best to your skin.

More than just the sum of its ingredients:

Our promise to your skin.

Croma is among the leading experts in hyaluronic acid production. That means you can be confident that every farewell product contains both top-quality ingredients as well as the full measure of our extensive accumulated expertise. What’s more, Croma was founded by a husband-and-wife team of pharmacists. What does that mean for farewell? A level of care and diligence that you don’t often find anymore.